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April 8th, 2014

Well, I was never the best blogger/updater in the world, but since adding a little bebe to the house, I am way worse.  Good news is, I am WAY better on Instagram.

Meet my beautiful Fox, and see what I’ve been up to!

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Oh yeah! I have a Blog

October 14th, 2013

gouacheLet’s catch up the last 4 months.

1. We moved!   It hasn’t been an easy summer.  At least I still have a home art studio and I’m really working on it to be as cool and efficient as the last one.  We got SO comfortable at our last house, and it was really hard to leave, but I guess you have to when the owners want their house back!  Renting is NO fun.

2. I’m pregnant!  It’s been pretty fun getting to know the little guy whose due December 1.  He sure does kick a lot!  I have made lots of modifications to my art practice, namely, using gouache.  And I must say, thanks baby, I have been having quite the affair with gouache!  It’s also been fun drooling over Pinterest nursery photos.  It’s a whole new space to imagine, curate and make super cute!   The daddy and I are excited to have a new addition to our music-filled arty home.

I have also really enjoyed reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth and Spiritual Midwifery.  One of my bestest friends in the whole world will be my doula.  We met when we were 12, in the bike racks at school, and I stayed the night at her house the first day we met.  So I am very excited about this whole process and to be able to share it with such great loving people.

3. I launched a new website!  There’s gotta be something in the water, we have a very website entrepreneur home (you might remember Brian has his sites MovieWeb, TVWeb et. al and is also about launch a brand new website and app any day now!  I have,, also a new site over at and now!)   For a year or so I wanted to create a website that listed the Art & Craft shows in your area to make it easier for vendors and visitors alike to find cool local shows.  Well instead of waiting around, I just one day decided to build it.  It’s a very simple version now, and one day I might be able to build a more fancy version with user accounts and image uploads.  And things might be more automated.  But for now, it’s functional, and it does the job.  Brian said I might get a database for Christmas!  Some girls want diamonds, a new car, or vacations–I want a database!

4. I think those were the big ones.  But I do have some art featured in a few books by The Handmade Home!   The books will officially be released this November + December in bookstores + specialty stores across the nation.  You can pre-order here: • Barnes and Noble • Books-A-Million • Walmart

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5. And of course I’m still teaching!  I have a small round of classes that start this week at the Huntington Beach Art Center.  You can view the classes here.  And that will be my last session until after the New Year.  I am very excited to be home with baby throughout the holidays.

Craft Show Roundup

June 7th, 2013

Here are some photos from my two weekends of Patchwork Show!  I like that the more and more I do these craft shows and acquire display materials, I have less and less to do and prepare beforehand.  This time around I really was not stressed at all!  I guess that’s what being prepared feels like.  Each time I do a new show I like to have some new items, so I made some new necklaces, a bunch of earrings, larger prints, garland and repackaged my magnets from the Fall in cuter packaging, and lo and behold, they all sold!  I’m really learning that sometimes it’s the way you display something that can sell an item.  Anyways, thank you Elaine for all your help!




new print!

February 12th, 2013

Just added to my etsy shop!  I am working a zillion things right now, and oh so long for a nice break.  I guess being sick in the house with a cold has been pretty good for getting some stuff done on the computer.  Also made a new header for my shop, and am also embarking on a new site overhaul!  Eeeks that takes a lot (of boyfriend’s time).  Oh Disneyland cookie, where are you?

New Video!

January 29th, 2013

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